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One of a Kind Shadow Boxes And Peg Dolls

 Heirloom Peg Dolls: Capture a Memory

Your peg dogs will be painted wearing their favorite outfits. The favorite plaid shirt your husband never takes off, or the cardigan grandpa puts on for every trip to the store. I can also paint them holding things in their little hands as can be a favorite stuffed animal or a tool, camera, book or any other item that is typical for that person. 


House Warming Gift

This Shadow Box is a sweet house warming gift for this little family as they start a new adventure in a new town and a new house. A promise of many memories to be made in this beautiful home.

Box Size 8x12 inches. 5 peg dolls. Starts at $150

Baby Shower Gift

This was one of my first Shadow Boxes ever! A very special Baby Shower gift for a very good friend who was expecting her first child. The back drop was the view of a patio in their favorite beach house, also the venue of a combined birthday party and baby shower.

Box size 8x12. 3 peg dolls

Starts at $120

Wedding Proposal

This Shadow Box was painted with the view this couple had when he popped the question "will you marry me?" The peg dolls have been painted in the same outfits they were wearing, recreating a scene they will forever remember with a smile.

Also, just so you know... She said yes! :)

Box size 8x12 inches. 2 peg dolls

Starts at $105


Grandparents and their grandchildren

This Shadow Box was created as a special gift for the Grandparents. A recreation of all their grandchildren standing in front of their treasured home. Each peg doll is wearing an outfit or details that are meaningful to them, from Grandpa's Golf shirt to grandma's wooden spoon.

Box size 8x12 with 7 peg dolls.

Starts at $180


RV Adventure Life

This family wanted to have a special Shadow Box that would represent their adventurous life living in an RV. They wanted their kids to always remember and treasure the great times they experienced together living their own adventure. They decided to add the kids bikes to the Shadow Box. Dad is a tennis coach and mom always receives colorful flowers from her sweet three boys. Of course, their furry friend is also part of the family portrait.

Box size 8x12 inches. 6 pegs

Starts at $165


Anniversary Gift

Another portrait of happy grandparents surrounded by all their grandchildren, standing in front of their home. This Shadow Box was custom made for them to fit 10 peg dolls.

Each of the grandchildren is holding something precious to them, a sketch book, legos, a soccer ball, a phone. This was an anniversary gift for a very blessed couple.

Box size 8x20. 10 peg dolls

Starts at $250


Remembering Home

This beautiful family were on the way to starting a new adventure in Germany when this Shadow Box was ordered. Back drop to their little family is their favorite beach in the Pacific North West and a way for them to remember their home while living up new adventures in their new home!

Box size 6x8 inches. 4 peg dolls. Starts at $110


Family home

This Shadow Box and Peg Doll family is bursting with details. As a back drop is their beautiful home in Arizona, featuring their amazing cacti which I loved painting. Each little peg dolls is holding something typical for them. The mother is an amazing cross stitch artist and is holding her embroidery hoop in the one hand and a glass of red wine in the other! Her husband is holding a plate of steaks (red wine AND steaks??? The perfect combination! :)) and the kids are each dressed in their favorite outfits and holding their most loved stuffy toys.

Box Size 6x8 inches. 4 peg dolls. Starts at $110

 Let me create a special heirloom piece of art just for you!