What Shadow Box sizes are available?

I commonly use 2 different sizes

- Small is 6x8 and can fit up to 5 peg dolls

- Medium is 8x12 and can fit up to 10 peg dolls

- Large is custom made and can be any size you want for the number of peg dolls you would like to fit into it

What sizes are the peg dolls?

My peg dolls range between the large/ adult peg dolls that are 3.5 inches tall all the way to approximately 1 " tall peg dolls. Once you send me a list of the people that will be in your shadow box I will send you a picture of the sizes and peg doll shapes I chose for you and get your feedback if they seem right.


My kids will want to play with them

My peg dolls are painted with non toxic paint and covered in a non toxic varnish that makes them extremely durable. They are kid resistant (believe me, I have 4 little product testers :)) and will provide hours of imaginative play. What child wouldn't love to reenact situations of their daily lives with little dolls that look just like their own family and loved ones? When they are done playing, the little peg dolls can be placed back into their Shadow Box and once again complete the unique piece of art on your wall or shelf.


How do you ship?

I use USPS Priority shipping for my Shadow Boxes and the shipping time is 2 days in the United States.  The cost is usually about $15. This will vary if you order a large custom made sized box.


How does this work?

  1.  The first step involves decision making on your part! (maybe the actual hardest part of the process!!!) Thinking about what you want to have painted on the back ground of your special Shadow Box, finding outfits that are typical or meaningful for each person that will be painted as a peg doll. Think about what makes each person unique, their hobbies, their passions, their style and base your selections on that.
  2. Once I receive all the information from you, pictures of each person, descriptions and pictures of their outfits and any other details you'd like me to add, I start to paint and you get to sit back and relax! :) I will be closely in touch with you through out the process sending work in progress pictures and requesting your feedback. At this time you can request changes, additions or anything else you can think of. I accept one detail per person. If you'd like additional details like painting pets directly unto the peg dolls there will be an additional cost. I am happy to talk through everything with you.
  3. Once I am finished painting I will send you a final proof picture of both the box, and the peg dolls. Once I get a final approval from your side I will varnish and seal everything and ship within 2 days.

What if I'm not happy with my Shadow Box?

There is really not a big chance of this happening. Taking into account that I am in close contact with you throughout the process, sending you pictures of every angle, detail, hair color and outfits painted. I wait to receive your approval and make sure you like what you see before making any final changes and definitely before varnishing. This ensures that when you do finally receive your custom made Shadow Box and Peg Doll family it exactly matches the photos you have already seen.  My purpose is to create something for you that you will love and cherish for years to come. Everything during the creative process is designed for this to be the outcome!